HIV/AIDS Affected Families SupportIn 2012 Pastor Daniel had a burden to support the HIV/AIDS affected people in his community. The affected people in India are rejected and reserved; they don’t have financial support from the government, and often left behind by their families and friends. Most of them are not able to get a job and they struggle daily for their food and paying bills or to send their children for studies. They are totally neglected and abandoned by the society. God has given us a plan to reach and help these people, give hope for their future, make them feel wanted and loved. Every second Saturday of the month, we conduct meeting at Worship Center for the HIV/AIDS affected people of Trichur district. We tell them about Jesus, who loves, cares and is able to heal them, no matter how hopeless it seems. Also we provide high protein food on a monthly basis, to support their health condition, which is so vital for them. Alongside we give interest-free loans to start their own small business. Voice of Gospel runs 8 SALT Centers for the HIV/AIDS positive people in Kerala and Andhrapradesh states.