Voice of Gospel Ministres


February 3, 2018 Victory

There is no Victory without a War.

February 1, 2017 Holy Spirit

"And when the devil had ended all the temptation, he departed from him for a season".Lk:4:13

December 16, 2017 Holy Spirit

Bitterness and unforgiveness will rob the joy of holy spirit

December 14, 2017 Resurrection

No one can experience the power of resurrection without experiencing the pain of crucifixion and death

December 7, 2017 Blessing

You are not truly blessed until you become a blessing to someone

December 4, 2017 Celebrate

Celebrate the birth of the savior with the poor and the outcaste in your community

December 4, 2017 Dignity and Honor

God has to use a human to prescribe the Dignity and Honor that God wants to give you

November 23, 2017 Struggles

The Trails and Struggles you go through right now are the preparations you need for your future